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  • Login

    Von Ostend88
    Every couple of days I have to do a fresh login. No other news app has this issue. Pls fix.
  • Love the New Yorker, the app is a mess

    Von vivo67
    It seems you now need to have an account with Conde Nast, even when you already have a subscription via the app (store). The error messages are misleading and confusing and the support staff seems to be completely in the dark about this
  • Subskription funktioniert nicht

    Von Micham6
    Ich hätte ja durchaus gerne das Abo abgeschlossen, aber aus irgendeinem Grunde wird man für die Subscription aus der App auf eine Webseite umgeleitet… und da geht dann nix mehr. Schade eigentlich, daß es scheinbar keine Möglichkeit in der App selbst gibt.
  • Dark mode?

    Von Liebefelder
    With a long Night Shift and a lot of time to spare, reading through the app is such a pain. Please get dark mode done. Thanks!
  • Great app but lousy account management

    Von MM1987.08.
    I really liked this app but didn‘t want to extend my subscription - no way to cancel it, neither in the app nor in the browser. This is 2023 - shouldn‘t be so hard to offer smooth account management processes!
  • Heavy battery drain and heating up of device

    Von Sem-Pro88
    Heavy battery drain and heating up of device.
  • Good articles- annoying ads

    Von ioioioio234
    I enjoy reading most of the articles. What annoys me are the ads. Why do I see ads even though I pay for the subscription?
  • Serious battery drain issue

    Von Noel Nickname Not Taken
    This app has a serious battery drain problem. I found that just a half hour or so of usage had drained a good 25% of my battery. I had to uninstall it to keep my phone from dying. This was a disappointing experience as a brand new digital subscriber. I’d be happy to try beta versions or supply diagnostics if you’re interested in fixing this. Otherwise I have to say that I cannot use the app in its current state.
  • To American for my taste

    Von csaltos
    Interesting articles but from 20 of them only 1 has real value ... the comic strips are cool dough
  • subscription

    Von toysouth
    linking doesn’t work each time a new update. it seems the app has less attention and the web page. pls provide solid app attention.
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