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  • Excellent content, but many technical annoyances

    Von ujay68
    While The Economist's editorial content is generally excellent, the app has numerous technical annoyances. It tends to load slowly and often displays several flickers of 'The world in brief' as the most prominent element upon opening. Furthermore, upon opening, the app disrupts the device's audio stream. (Which, I‘ve been informed, is intentional, because there’s “a lot of inbuilt audio articles”.) In contrast, the play buttons, unlike those in other apps, do not immediately initiate playback; instead, they present a menu offering various options for adding content to your playlist. It took several years of support inquiries before a proper method was finally implemented to navigate back to the top-level menu. Also, annoyingly, the app persistently inquires about your satisfaction, disregarding your device settings that explicitly request apps not to solicit ratings. Edit 2024-02-16: The annoyance of interrupting the audio stream has been fixed.
  • Buggy app

    Von Ktomktom
    So frustrating to pop in and out of the app to not be on the same page of the weekly edition, but be forced to find your place again.
  • Superior journalism, mediocre app

    Von fried666chicken
    It‘s fantastic that the journalistic quality keeps beating my expectations. However, the app should adhere to iOS navigation standards. For example, when swiping from the left edge of the screen, it should take me back to the previous page, not some random article. Also, in the past weeks, multiple updates erased all „marked as read“ indicators. That’s just annoying. Plus: Why do I still get ads even if I pay them a whopping 25€ per month?
  • Best newspaper but not best app

    Von FTh72
    No doubt the journalism is great, but the app can be improved. Why are the Economists podcasts presented much better in Spotify than in the Economists app?
  • Not reliable

    Von KiwiRyRy
    - could not recognize my web subscription - delete and reinstall, as per advice from customer service, looses all your saved articles
  • Ads despite subscription

    Von m4r73n
    This has to be a joke, no? I’m paying them (quite a bit of) money for my subscription, and still they feel the need to flash ads right into my eyes? What an absurd money-making scheme is this?
  • Gute Zeitung aber leider nur im Abo und mit Google-Werbung

    Von PE STO
    Der Economist bietet gute Analyen des Weltgeschehens in Poltik und Wirtschaft. Leider bietet die App nicht die Möglichkeit, ab und zu ein einzelnes Heft zu laden (früher gab es das ohne Abonnement) und ist gespickt mit aufdringlicher Google-Werbung.
  • Buga all the time

    Von Nicoxbass
    I’m tired of trying to use the app ti listen tj articles every day there there is a new bug and the only way of fixing it is erasing the app.
  • The App has always bugs and every update seems to make it even slower

    Von Antigonos93
    Every update causes some part of the app not to function. It’s been like that for a while now…
  • Audio

    Von phth90
    The audio does not work since the last update. Please fix this issue. Update: Customer Service was able to help me.
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