Wannabe Challenge

Von Com2uS Corp.

  • Kategorie: Games
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020-10-27
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.10.18
  • Bewertung für Erwachsene: 12+
  • Dateigröße: 361.05 MB
  • Entwickler: Com2uS Corp.
  • Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder später.
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  • Eine Punktzahl von 4.54 wurde erhalten
  • Wannabe Challenge wurde von 108 persons reviewed
  • Hergestellt von: maker
  • Wannabe Challenge ist für Erfordert iOS
- Wannabe Wonderland has opened! : Variety of sweet love stories unfolding in 'Wannabe Wonderland', the land of dreams and fantasy. Can we be each other's fantasy? : Obtain if+ 'Land of Dreams and Fantasy' and check out more stories! We've fixed a few minor inconveniences, based on the suggestions we received from Wannabistas, to make the gaming experience smooth.

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Gehen Sie zum App Store auf Ihrem Telefon und suchen Sie nach Wannabe Challenge, drücken Sie auf das Symbol, um den Download auf Ihrem Telefon zu erhalten.

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Erfahrungen mit Wannabe Challenge?

Im Moment gibt es 108 Erfahrungen von Wannabe Challenge, die durchschnittliche Erfahrung Punktzahl ist 4.54

  • Can’t play the game anymore

    Von Engeh
    Screen goes black whenever I try to play. Waited for weeks for an update, still have the same problems. Already talked to support and the only solution was to change the server, but then I’d lose my stuff on my global account. Really frustrated with this game.
  • It could be good but…

    Von Lassmal
    I really can’t read what my character is saying! I’m playing on an IPhone 12 and the speech bubbles of my character are blank
  • What am I saying? 😵‍💫

    Von Babygoyangi
    I‘ve been playing this game for an eternity now and I love it. But since I switched to an iPhone 12 it doesn’t show the characters and what the main character says anymore. This makes me sad, because it makes the game less enjoyable and more frustrating 🥲
  • The game is very fun and good

    Von bjjhhh677
    I really love this game it’s so addicting and so fun but why can not I see when the main Charakter is talking. The speech bubble is white and there is no text
  • Really bad you can’t see what the mc says

    Von hfhdhfkhkg
    You can’t see what the mc says also you can’t see the background. Really bad and they won’t fix it.
  • Bugs over 4 month

    Von Secret34689
    Guys they will not fix it as they completely ignore this issue. I would not recommend this game and I really regret that I spend money on it.
  • I love this game but...

    Von Rosy🐬❤️
    I really love this game but i don’t know why, it doesnt show my text and i can’t see the characters, maybe you can fix it cause i can play it
  • I am in love

    Von ash787a
    I am really happy that i found this game and would definitely recommend it to others. The only thing that isn’t that good for me is, that i have to type onto the button at the bottom to look up what my character said because it doesn’t show up in the bubble but I got used to it. Btw the storyline is really good and the grafics too (btw i love Taehee hehe)
  • I love it but...

    Von Vika aka Rose
    I really love this Game but everytime my Dialog is on the Screen it doesn‘t show what is written on it and i have to always Open the log if I want to know what the Player (me) is saying and its kinda annoys me
  • I love this game but🥺

    Von jiluln
    It‘s lacking, I can’t see the figures and I can’t see the text of my character, so I can’t read and see anything, only the voices and the other things at normal, but since this new update it’s lacking in the story’s, in all story’s. It makes me really sad 🥺😭 It’s a nice game but this piss me of
Fact Status
Entwickler Com2uS Corp.
Entwickler ID 299175870
Aktuelle Version 1.10.18
Kompatibilität Erfordert iOS
Kategorie Games
Aktuelle Version 2022-06-23T02:01:42Z

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