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  • App crashes when creating pdf

    Von Max-Schmitz
    Whenever trying to create a pdf, or printing something the app crashes completely :/
  • Pricey with slow search but still best in class

    Von ferdinandkutschker
    What is my use case? 1. Saving articles from the web OFFLINE in an archive that allows me to access information even when the link breaks or the article disappears. 2. Highlighting 3. Annotation/note taking 4. Export of highlights/notes/passages either manually per article or automatic via integration 5. Search throughout library I’ve done extensive research and tried a lot of stuff. There is no other app that provides these features. They either don’t save articles properly or provide no note taking or have no export function. Then you’d need something like Readwise which also costs you 60$ or so. Matter is the only app that provides all these seemingly easy features. Matter is expensive though. 60$ for a read later app? Holy moly. One downside that costs them one star: the search function is excruciatingly slow and therefore unusable. Since it’s a premium feature that’s inaccessible and should be fixed soon considering the price tag.
  • Best reading app

    Von KalkPaK
    Title says it all - constant improvement, beautiful design, user experience on point.
  • Audio

    Von Harald Link
    Audio only works in American English. Which means: For most people worldwide it‘s almost useless.
  • Looks nice, but no comment features?

    Von Fl_rian
    I tested the app and it seems promising, but where is the option to comment highlights? Without this it’s completely unusable for me 🤔
  • Ok, but….

    Von Bones85
    Nice App visualisation. But tagging very slow
  • Just great!!!

    Von julushgn
    The only read later app I wanna use with so many well thought features.
  • Best read-it-later App

    Von Sergej94
    Matter is the reason I started reading daily. The only app that supports Twitter Threads seamlessly unlike the Unroll sites. Newsletter integration works perfectly. What amazes me most is the support team. I never waited longer than 2 hours for a response. 10/10
  • Great app for productivity

    Von Varaidy
    The App gets frequently updated! Also the devs developed a plugin for Obsidian! Great app, don’t wait & download it!
  • Great app, very slow support

    Von niklasfyi
    I love the app. But it is nearly impossible to get to talk to someone in support.
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