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  • Karma System

    Von Gott der Große Meister
    Website and app are great to use, you get recommended a lot of high quality content. But the relativ new karma system easily outweighs the pros. If the karma system gets preserved, the prices should be drastically changed. 5,99€ is just to much for 25 or so chapters.
  • Sadly detoriating

    Von Sy7c
    App was easy 5* before new Karma system, now you have to wait 24h to read new chapters even if you are a monthly subscriber or pay an additional fee, very sad to see that development. Espescially for long time readers thats an issue
  • Finally it‘s here! 😁

    Von DerHakinator
    Since the App is in the early stages with a lot of potential to grow (like the website did) and Wuxiaworld never let me down with their development, I will give 5 stars. The overall function is good and nothing complicated. The only thing which annoys me a bit is, that I read on my IPad and IPhone and that the chapters from the Bookmark do not synchronisize, maybe this is possible for future updates? :)
  • Automatic Dark/Light Mode

    Von HansTöne
    I like the app so far but I already know that having to manually switch between the light and dark mode is going to annoy me. Also having to both switch the mode for the app and the reader separately doesn’t help. Hope that this can be implemented in a future update.
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