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  • Technische Probleme

    Von FFVN114
    Auf Apple TV funktioniert die app nur ein mal, danach muss man sie deinstallierten oder offloaden, damit der livestream wieder geht. Sonst guter Content.
  • Werbung nervt

    Von Gabn1
    Alles gut, aber man zahlt monatlich und muss sich trotzdem Werbung ansehen. Das nervt.
  • Läuft nicht mehr auf dem Apple TV

    Von Frog8000
    Die App für das Apple TV läuft aktuell nicht mehr hier in Deutschland. Es kommt eine Fehlermeldung („Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again“). Und nichts passiert… Aktuelle Software tvOS 16.5
  • annoying cookies check on every launch

    Von Darrylhebbes
    Each time I launch the application it is asking to agree to cookie terms.
  • Push Notifications not working

    Von ÆCE
    Push Notifications do not work on my iPhone 14 Pro - even though they are activated in the iPhone settings. In light of notifications I would also have two suggestions for the app: 1) Following authors should not lead to emails, this should add the author to the „For You“ section 2) Home Screen of App should be customizable with e.g. „Latest“ to be added to the Home Screen PS: I see a lot of Ad space in the app. I don’t have an add blocker or such thing. But still on Apple devises I don‘t see the actual Ad, just the huge space labeled „Ad“. Really? I am an active subscriber currently within the test period and will not renew the subscription for 35€ a month considering the bunch of Ads.
  • Slow

    Von Taurus NL
    App start-up is still slow. Video is very slow with responding. When video in full screen it’s difficult to scroll through a video, since iphone’s function to go to different apps.
  • all you need is Bloomberg

    Von Johanna Schäfer 93
    Very good App for checking the news in the morning
  • Too much for too little

    Von emmessde
    Nearly no free content. There are better offers around. Deleted.
  • Ads even when subscribed?

    Von unfunflyingdog
    The fact that the app is littered with ads despite it costing €34 a month is incredibly trashy. And they’re not just ads, they’re ads that seem to follow you through the articles. So if you scroll past then, they simply load lower down. Again, for €34 this is so trashy. Can’t even read an article without being interrupted every few lines. Cancelled and I’d never pay for this rubbish again.
  • Ad‘s even with subscription

    Von Loviation
    Great articles but annoying advertisements between paragraphs. I got the full subscription.
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