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  • Crashes

    Von Plar141
    Would love to read it but app keeps crashing for a few days now
  • Wants to see my network

    Von Aramean
    The app just asked me to see the devices on my local network. I declined because why would a newspaper app want to see that? Seems sketchy. At least give the user some information why you need access, how is it improving my user experience?
  • Love the newspaper, hate the app

    Von eligahbler
    The NYT app is the only app I use that is incredibly unstable. It crashes so often that I often can’t read it on particular days. At all. I wish the developers would fix this.
  • Unable to cancel subscription from Germany

    Von JayRobBec
    The app and the content is ok. I am still giving 5 stars since it is super difficult to cancel the subscription (currently impossible) from Germany. It is not possible through Email but only through phone. And the phone number is not reachable.
  • Spam

    Von IgorZarut
    Obwohl ich alle Benachrichtigungen in der App deaktiviert habe, spammt es mich immer noch mit vielen Benachrichtigungen
  • Cumbersome

    Von D-Hörer
    All other newspaper apps I use allow me to swipe horizontally to get to the next article. When the NYT quietly buried its “Today’s Paper” web app, I thought they would introduce the same browsing convenience here. Not so. We’re still stuck with the same tedious experience of having to return to the section page first before we can move on to a new article by tapping again. Disappointing, really.
  • Qualität Content but technical Implementation can be improved

    Von Schwabe007
    I receive my (European) Morning Briefing at about 7 A.M. by Email which is fine. But if want to read it in the App, I am not able to find it. Instead there all these links about Games and other stuff that I am just not interested in which clutter the user interface.
  • Great content, crashy app

    Von bkby
    Just doesn’t work well on iPad. I start reading and it completely crashes
  • currently unusable

    Von Jule95!
    Since the last update in december the app is just crashing every few minutes. Please fix this problem asap, otherwise my subscription doesn’t make sense anymore for me..
  • Unusable

    Von Hypertonist
    The app crashes constantly on IOS15.7.
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