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  • Kategorie: Education
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2010-05-27
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.0.87
  • Bewertung für Erwachsene: 4+
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  • Entwickler: Ankitects Pty Ltd
  • Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 13.4 oder später.
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2.0.87: - Fixed the future due graph incorrectly including new cards. - Fixed inability to exclude tags in custom study. - Fixed an issue with type-in-the-answer on cloze deletions with repeated words. - Other minor bugfixes. 2.0.86: - You can now swipe across a deck to export it to an .apkg file. - Added a Finnish translation, thanks largely to ihmematti. - Fixed share sheet not appearing when exporting. - Fixed deck list scrolling to top when tapping on a deck. - Fixed leech notification not showing in v2 scheduler. - Fixed daily study notification not appearing. - Fixed flag labels shifted by 1. - Other bugfixes and stability improvements. 2.0.85: - Fixed card info screen appearing blank. - Fixed editing area sometimes appearing blank when returning to the app after a delay. - Fixed spurious error after deleting notes in browse screen. - Stability improvements. 2.0.84: - AnkiMobile now requires iOS 13.4 or later. - The V1 Scheduler is no longer supported. If you had not yet upgraded, you'll be prompted to when you tap on a deck. - Various fixes and improvements to the V3 scheduler to match the 2.1.50 computer release. - The Browse screen now supports toggling between cards and notes. - The Browse screen now supports more than two columns at once. - Added purple and grey to the available colors in the editor. - The app badge/review notification options now schedule a background task to refresh the counts after the day rolls over, which should improve the accuracy of the counts. - Support the new backup expiry settings in the desktop 2.1.50 release. - Support for importing/exporting 2.1.50+ colpkg files. - Custom study no longer limits the number of cards you can extend the limits by. - Custom study no longer remembers tags that have been removed. - Added an 'infoForAdding' URL scheme, so apps can request available decks/notetypes. - Added 'scroll up' and 'scroll down' actions, which can be assigned to gamepad buttons. - Added Belarusian, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Malayalam, Odia and Romanian translations - a big thank you to all translators. - Fixed V3 custom scheduling not being honored. - Fixed original image being inserted instead of cropped one. - Fixed unpredictable scrolling when typing in editor fields on iOS 14/15. - Fixed filtered deck search field not allowing keyboard switching. - Fixed preview delay not being shown in filtered deck options. - Automatically reload study screen when iOS frees resources. - Show a warning in the review screen when an image is missing, and tweak the media syncing screen to reduce confusion over background syncing.

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  • Kompletter Rotz.

    Von Its.luc
    Mega veraltet. Hab die eine Decksammlung hochgeladen und die andere war weg. Stunden Arbeit um sonst!!!
  • .

    Von user6273848362
    Die App ist super, aber es wäre schön wenn man einstellen könnte wie lange das Intervall für die Taste „Gut“ ist, bis man die Karte wieder lernen kann. Ansonsten wäre es auch super wenn es eine Funktion geben würde mit der man alle Karten der Reihe nach mit Lösungen ansehen könnte, unabhängig davon welcher Lernstatus der Karte zugewiesen wurde.
  • Produktive Lernapp

    Von juules-187
    Sehr tolle App zum Lernen! Karten können einfach erstellt werden, ob in der App oder im Web. Jedoch habe ich noch nicht herausgefunden wie ich mich mit meinem im Web errichteten Konto in der iPhone App einloggen kann, um zu synchronisieren. Dafür gibt es ein Stern Abzug.
  • Leider kein Image Occlusion Enhanced auf IPad oder Handy

    Von Julesdzm
    Leider kein Image Occlusion Enhanced auf IPad oder Handy, auf meinem Laptop will es auch nicht funktionieren. Sehr schade, da ich mir die App vor allem deshalb gekauft habe.
  • Nicht mehr nutzbar!

    Von Max21cool
    Seit kurzem ist es mir nicht mehr möglich mich auf meinem iPad und iPhone an zu melden. Somit kann ich die App nicht mehr nutzen da ich meine Vokabeln alle über reden pc eingebe. Bitte behebt das Problem!
  • Excellent, but…

    Von Greg_02
    The App ist powerful & excellent, but developers… PLEASE update the app on iPad as it is on Mac! Creating cards, working with extras would be so easier to handle with on iPad & much faster! Greetings
  • It is worth every cent.

    Von karaman7
    I speak six languages well and have basic knowledge of another four. Anki is very well designed. The ankiapp is used for mobile learning and complements the desktop version. It is worth every cent. It will take you no more than a week to get used to it but it is well worth the time you will save in your studies. The possibilities of configuration to your personal preferences are incredible! If you would like to configure ANKI and are not familiar with basic concepts of web design such as html, css, data, please get help. The configuration is easy and won't set you back for more than a beer and a pizza. A few comments on what was initially confusing for me. ANKI structures flashcard as "notes" and "cards". Why? The answer is very simple an clever. "Notes" are your data and need to be entered only once and are edited only in on place: the "note". While "Cards" are the views of your data and can be configured as you wish. This is a very flexible and powerful way of organizing information! Many decks are shared on and some are very good and you could start with those. But I would recommend entering your own data (information) into 20-30 notes and playing around before downloading any pre-made decks.
  • Answers are invisible

    Von AnkiUser123
    All my answers are invisible and I don’t know why. It was working weeks ago but now it’s useless. Same on my MacBook. Since the last update on my MacBook it’s trash. Can anyone help me please.
  • Pc version viel besser

    Von A V A Y
  • Bedienung

    Von GTA ()
    Hat etwas gedauert bis ich die Bedienung raus hatte, hat sich aber gelohnt. Die Sortierung der Karten erfolgt nach dem Alphabet, was ich etwas nervig finde.
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