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Erfahrungen mit The Guardian Live World News?

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  • Excellent

    Von Bogabasa
    For me the best English daily, hands down. The app is perfect and very satisfying to read, view and use. Well worth a subscription, but that’s still voluntary.
  • Great!

    Von GorillaKlaus
    Very good :)
  • Zoom Funktion fehlt!

    Von Guenther DB V-Kan
    Warum wird in der App ( nach sehr vielen Updates) immer noch keine Zoom Funktion angeboten ?
  • Awesome

    Von AmadeusVanKarlten
    Great App. Great Newspaper. I would also highly recommend their podcast „Today in Focus“. Amazing work, keep it up!
  • Please fix the display glitch

    Von STeddyBrit
    I am a great fan of the Guardians online news offering ever since Brexit loomed on the horizon and I was looking for better information than that provided in my local German press. This iPad app has worked well at delivering content. Until now. There is a very annoying glitch in the display that causes all left side headings including larger image to disappear just when you scroll down to see the full image. This has been going on for over two weeks which is far too long for such a high quality service. Please fix it soon.
  • Simply the best

    Von KT#B
    The Guardian is one of the best newspaper on earth. Well investigated stories, unfiltered new an a clear separation between message and opinion. Great to have you Guardian!
  • Independent journalism my 🍑

    Von noshades
    I was a long time supporter but this publication has shown they’re just as bad as the rest when it comes to this conflict 🍉
  • Fake News

    Von presdelaforet
    Spreading through the app fake news and anti-semitic content
  • Perfect

    Von fuesec
    Good content and nice app
  • Balanced reporting during polarising times

    Von Juliaerial
    As a crowd-funded, editorially independent newspaper, the Guardian tries its hardest to present balanced, fact-checked reporting. So much of what we see online these days is deliberately polarising and designed to incite emotional reactions. Having a news source, like The Guardian, that still sticks to rigorous journalistic standards is worth a lot. Do they always get it right? No. But they highlight, correct and apologise. A sign of high trustworthiness.
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