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  • Cannot access my subscription

    Von Maguido66689
    I have a subscription and can’t access it. They have no customer support, so you just waste your money. Worst app I ever had
  • No safe walks!

    Von Cathinka79
    Took us through East Hastings Street in Vancouver. An absolute no-go area! We went through this with kids. Thanks. Never again. Check your routes carefully!
  • Traudl!48

    Von Traudl!48
    Alles ok
  • Sehr hilfreich!

    Von Sportyhockey
    Hilft bei der Orientierung in den Städten.
  • Great travel app!

    Von JennyTheExplorer
    This is a great travel app to use, especially if you’re travelling in a budget and want to get local insiders tips on places to go. You can use it offline (download the guides in advance) and then not have to worry about running low on data, as you go exploring. The articles are written by bloggers from all over the world, so you are getting genuine guides by people who have been there before. It also links with GPS. You have a map outlining the attractions and your live location, so you won’t get lost. There is a small cost associated with the app, but it is a small price to pay for convenience. Looking forward to downloading some more travel guides before my next vacation :)
  • My worst purchase on App Store

    Von MelzF1
    I actually have no problem with the curation of locations as well as information on them such as their history and other interesting facts. This would be available even in the free version. But, the GPS navigation feature was something that I felt would be useful, and this was only available in the paid version. I found the implementation of the navigation absolutely useless. It does not lock in on your orientation, so often times, you end up walking in one direction for about a hundred metres before the app tells you that you walked in the wrong direction. This kept happening repeatedly. So I had to keep jumping between google maps and this app. My advise, stick to the free version.
  • Not user friendly

    Von notsnegah
    Every time one switches to a different app or briefly sleeps the phone, upon reopening the app, one must begin from the home screen and renavigate to, for instance, the map navigation tool. I would also have appreciated much more information on the sites for my 2.99.
  • A sham. Nothing free here.

    Von Geofuchs
  • Great content, horrible to use

    Von sappermillementebolle
    Really good with great walking tours though the user friendliness is soooo bad. Be prepared to click 20 times each time you go to your camera app or leave the app. Has this ever been tested with real customers ? Great content, very poor user experience
  • Nutzlos

    Von qwertzu42
    Die App ist nur eine Werbung für die Pro-Version und selbst völlig nutzlos, nicht mal die Karte so groß anzeigen lassen, dass man etwas erkennen kann, funktioniert. Leider erst unterwegs gemerkt (hatte mich auf die Offline-Wegbeschreibungen verlassen). Lieber die Webseite speichern als diese App laden.
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