Feeld: Date Couples & Singles

Von Feeld Ltd

  • Kategorie: Lifestyle
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2014-06-29
  • Aktuelle Version: 6.0.3
  • Bewertung für Erwachsene: 17+
  • Dateigröße: 55.31 MB
  • Entwickler: Feeld Ltd
  • Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 12.0 oder später.
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  • Eine Punktzahl von 4.22 wurde gegeben
  • Feeld: Date Couples & Singles wurde von 8,242 persons reviewed
  • Hergestellt von: maker
  • Feeld: Date Couples & Singles ist für Erfordert iOS
You may notice something different about us this week. We have a new, updated look with new artwork, more intuitive interactions, and a whole lot of improvements under the hood. You’ll find starting group chats, fine-tuning your profile and organizing your photos a lot easier. And for those who like playing on night mode, we’ve made our Dawn Theme available to all users across the app. Finally, with an increasing number of functional improvements, you’re in for a much smoother Feeld experience. Keep exploring, it’s only going to get better.

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Erfahrungen mit Feeld: Date Couples & Singles?

Im Moment gibt es 8,242 Bewertungen von Feeld: Date Couples & Singles, die durchschnittliche Erfahrung Bewertung ist 4.22

  • nicht so toll

    Von Hex Tex
    5 Sterne für die Leute mit ihren Profilen, nur 1 Star für die App. Ständig funktioniert irgendwas nicht. Niedrigste matchquote ever. Benutzte auch andere Datingapps und eigentlich kommen immer irgendwie matches zustande. Durch den Premium Account wird dann auch nichts besser.
  • Cutest

    Von bb zhopik
    Met the cutest person , subscribe & approved 🍑
  • Bugs and slow service

    Von BlA387532
    I was using feeld for a long time. It always had some bugs I was willing to accept. But now they blocked my account by accident and and took them two weeks to tell me that it was a mistake and that they can’t fix it. But I may start a new account. Well, I’m switching to OPEN or OkCupid instead.
  • Buggy af

    Von je4nhonny
    Shows the same profiles again and again… swipe and next day they are back. Useless buggy. Sometimes distance doesn’t work and shows them outside your distance.
  • schön, aber grauenhaft programmiert

    Von Alisaalois
    Die App ist toll gestaltet, leider ist sie absolut unbenutzbar, weil sie nur in den seltensten Fällen funktioniert & ständig abstürzt. Schade
  • App hängt

    Von AkagamiZoe
    Muss immer neu installieren
  • Not my crowd

    Von MargoKatyCat
    Somehow I’m really uncomfortable with the type of communication that feeld is provoking
  • Nice Community, frustrating buggy

    Von Dr. Hawthorn
    There’s a nice community, but unfortunately the app isn’t running well on iOS. Bugs are varying, used to be crashes every 30 secs some weeks ago, atm it’s not being able to like people, they’ll just reappear in my stash. If it wouldn’t be for the people, I’d give one star. So I’ll have to wait (again) and hopefully the next versions bug will be less disruptive. Would be nice if there’s a possibility to delete dislikes, because some people might be not interesting atm but might be next month or so. Interests change. Right now i just never use the minus thus have to swipe through all the profiles if I want to find new faces..
  • Trying to be inclusive but failing really hard

    Von vvitling
    Set my gender to non-binary; now shows me an endless parade of straight guys (who 99% chance won’t be into me). No way to exclude them in my search except setting myself as a gay man (which doesn’t really match my identity). Also app says I can’t change my gender again. I contacted support and got ghosted.
  • Still too glitchy

    Von RudiMitDemKontrabass
    Don’t download the app. It won’t open with older versions of iOS. They made it worse.
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Entwickler Feeld Ltd
Entwickler ID 887914693
Aktuelle Version 6.0.3
Kompatibilität Erfordert iOS
Kategorie Lifestyle
Aktuelle Version 2022-08-23T09:42:26Z

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