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  • Good app with technical issues

    Von Horst_158#
    It is a well designed app with lots of delicious recipes but the app has too much technical problems. Often it does not load the content and stuck with the start screen or it freezes in the middle of somewhere. One time the app blocked my whole mobile phone. These are No-Gos. Please, please correct the issues!
  • Great app

    Von mahvat
    But no option to use the metric system?
  • Just what I need!

    Von Sportpearl
    This app is just what I need to make the transition to vegan cooking. Lots of recipes and ideas and best of all, the directions are easy to follow. No - best of all the recipes are delicious!!
  • Soo helpful!

    Von JayDollars1738
    This app proves that vegan food is highly various and way more than „greens and potatoes“. I love it! When I don’t know what to eat, I just get some inspiration from it. I also appreciate that most recipes are suitable for my low student budget! Always recommend it to friends who want to try going vegan even when it’s just for a few weeks.
  • Problems since last big update

    Von Lewneh
    This is a great app and I use it more than 3 years now. Planning your meals for the week gets very easy and all recipes are whole food plant-based and oil free!! However, there was a big design update recently, which perhaps causes some bugs: - sometimes the app freezes at the start screen > I then have to quit the app and restart my phone - the shopping list got unreliable: items get deleted automatically without notice. Hence, I miss some ingredients, I have to find out which items got deleted automatically, and then go to the grocery store again I hope you read this and fix these bugs soon.
  • Please support metric!

    Von Hikarinessa
    I love the app, super user friendly, except the back and forth to convert all measurements. Please support metric system <3
  • Great app!

    Von jesssiKasssel
    Really nice recipes, structured UX!
  • Very good

    Von lizzi17
    Easy to master recipes, and great selection love it
  • Almost perfect

    Von lkbaerenfaenger
    This app delivers exactly what you‘d hoped for, but even if you live outside the U.S., you‘re gonna have to deal with imperial units, which they still use over there (as well as in Costa Rica). The rest of the world uses the metric system, folks, please support it, too!
  • Not useful on an iPad

    Von eLindros
    It can’t be to hard to add a viable iPad app with landscape view and all.
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